Mila is a cardboard design engineer. She is currently designing and constructing a cupcake catapult with her little sister, Ivy. However, things change when Ivy destroys their project, making cardboard confetti instead. Mila is devastated and wants nothing more to do with Ivy. Mila continues to engineer – alone. But something is missing. Maybe Ivy was making cardboard confetti for a reason. So how do sisters rebuild their relationship while engineering their next ultimate cardboard creation?

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“Mila and Ivy is an endearing story of two young sisters learning to navigate the ever-challenging environment of cooperative play. The beautiful illustrations are enhanced by the sweet cat, puppy and tortoise characters which appear on every page. My five-year-old boy loved finding them and giggling at their antics.

More than just an engaging picture book, there are so many ways that the story can be used in the early primary classroom—

  • As a prompt to start a design and technology unit, with the front pages used as a way how various folds and plans can be represented through drawings.
  • To highlight the skills necessary in collaborative group work or managing conflict and differences of opinion.
  • The consistent use of command verbs throughout the text makes it an ideal start to a procedural writing unit.
  • The use of second tier vocabulary (e.g. remarkable, determined, scattered) could be explored and used to extend students’ vocabulary.
  • It could also be used to demonstrate the ways that font choices and illustrations can enrich a fictional narrative.

So many wonderful ways to use such an engaging text! Definitely a must for every early years classroom, or as a cherished gift for any young child.”