Some savvy advice on better Illustrations:

* CARRY a sketchbook. Usually everywhere- DRAW from real life
(eg. I like drawing in coffee shops- so I draw the guy or gal who serves my latte)

* WATCH You-Tube for the Best ADOBE CC photoshop and illustrator and InDesign tips and tricks. You will have to deal with ALL of these programs at some point. (And on a daily basis you will have to use them all)

* JOIN Graphic design interest groups on Facebook (if that’s your thing? or any type of social media will keep you more engaged than not, basically that and are where the jobs are at, more often than not it is cheaper for the employer to advertise for free on a group than go through the costly recruitment process. You have to be Right place… Right time)

* GO ahead and do random covers/product packaging or magazine layouts or comics (whatever is your favourite form of design) in your spare time- leave them in your folio as a WIP (work in progress) More often than not employers want to see where your creative head is at now. And what you can come up with on your own two feet.

* DO a course online. Whether it is or Make Art That Sells. They all help!

* ALWAYS have your current folio somewhere on the net.  (Yay for It just means you have an instant talking point with potential employers. And keep it UPDATED. 

*  Practice, Practice, Practice!

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