A Spiderboy (WIP)

Wow! Been busy on this little guy for the Illustrators showcase. Though I’d share! He’s a little caught up in his own bed-web while trying to get ready for school. It feels like this getting up for work lately (in the cold and the dark!) Keep warm everyone!

Mermaids on the brain

It’s lovely to be sketching on this lovely winters day. I seem to have mermaids on the brain lately, which is such a nice girly theme to explore! I’m counting down to the Illustrator Showcase in September now, busy compiling and reflecting on a very fruitful year. I hope everyones week has been productive and fun!

Something new

Okay, Here’s a little preview something new.   Nathaniel SpiderKid and Holly. Just some work in progress. I hope everyones week is going swell. (Even though it is only Monday!)