Mermaids on the brain

It’s lovely to be sketching on this lovely winters day. I seem to have mermaids on the brain lately, which is such a nice girly theme to explore! I’m counting down to the Illustrator Showcase in September now, busy compiling and reflecting on a very fruitful¬†year. I hope everyones week has been productive and fun!

Something new

Okay, Here’s a little preview something new.   Nathaniel SpiderKid and Holly. Just some work in progress. I hope everyones week is going swell. (Even though it is only Monday!)

Alice in Zombieland Halloween favours

Wow, It’s been a very spooky and busy few weeks! I’ve been hard at work creating 56 individual characters for Alice in Zombieland Halloween favours for the children, and hopefully being a little inspired in the meantime! The bags were a giant hit! I now have plenty or fresh spooky artwork to draw from! I’m…

Coloured pencil inspired by sketchbuddies

Cheers to the lovely Jackie for suggesting we practice sketching. Our work lunchtime sketches are the highlight of the week. Sketching with coloured pencils is my new favourite thing! Heres a couple of them: A really interesting thing happened when I put the portrait of Jackie into Photoshop A happy accident!

A foxy little invite concept

Invitations are fabulous to do for an illustrator. This one is for an animal theme. Foxes and snakes preparing for a party. Such a cute Brief!

Alice in wonderland theme Birthday invite

I always seem to be running late! Even with my own Birthday invite! But I can’t wait to get all dolled up and eat way too many sweet cakes. But for now the design is done- and I’m off to sleep!

52 Week Illustration Challenge Week 26

Week 26 : Land.  Where am I going to land? Digital watercolour. I really would love to do every week of the challenge- but with so much work on already Рit is a little hard to! But I got the chance to play today! Enjoy!

Cute little snail in progress

I hope everyone has had a fantastic day! I thought I’d drop some work from the weekend. This is a vector Illustration of a little snail in progress, He is a spotty garden dweller. I hope I’ll be seeing more of him- but stories don’t come easy to an Illustrator sometimes!